10. Best Foot Forward, Part 2: Negotiating a Job Offer.

Half-day workshop

Negotiating a job offer is the part of the job search process that gives applicants the most anxiety. Candidates, who feel unsure of how the process works, ask questions like: What can and should I ask for? Will my salary be negotiable? How can I make sure I get the best offer possible? The negotiation process feels as though it is skewed in favor of the hiring institution and typically is. The hiring manager has typically done dozens or more of these negotiations while the candidate has typically never done any at all. This negotiation is the classic example of one in which both sides need to have their legitimate interests met. If a candidate is hired with insufficient support and resources, they cannot be successful in the organization, an outcome that benefits neither the candidate nor the organization. This workshop builds on the tools introduced in Workshop 1 (not required as a prerequisite) and introduces new tools and guidelines to be used specifically in negotiating job offers.

• What are the elements I should be negotiating for in a job offer?

• What is negotiable and what is not?

• Is there a difference in the process between an academic job and an industry job?

• Who should make the first offer when discussing salary?

• What if they make me an offer during the interview process?

• How do I know if they’re making a fair offer?

The workshop uses face to face role playing exercises combined with real time feedback to give participants hands-on experience in negotiating with hiring managers.

Target Audience: This workshop is intended for postdoctoral scientists at all levels and will be especially useful for those who are at, or nearing, the point of seeking a new position.