12. Management Skills for Scientists: Our Most Popular Two-Day Workshop Sequence

We offer the following two day workshop package that combines our four most popular workshops into an integrated "crash course" in management skills for scientists.

This sequence is ideal for organizations seeking to bring their scientists "up to speed" in the core skills associated with successful interactions, collaborations and team membership and management. The two workshop days can be done in succession or separated by weeks or months. 

Day 1 Morning: Difficult Conversations in the Research Workplace: Fundamentals of Negotiation (half-day version of Workshop 1). 

Day 1 Afternoon: Leading Scientific Team and Project Meetings (Workshop 2).

Day 2 Morning: Hiring and Retaining Your Science Team (Workshop 3).

Day 2 Afternoon: Managing Your Science Team: Setting Goals, Giving Feedback and Evaluating Scientists (Workshop 4).

This workshop sequence provides a comprehensive introduction to the essential tools needed to manage a research lab or a scientific project team. The workshops can be customized to reflect a basic research (or academic) environment, or an applied (or pharma, biotech, private sector) environment.   This two day series can be offered as two  days in a row or with a gap of days or weeks in between.