14. Just for Postdocs: The skills you need to jump start your career in science.

This is a three day comprehensive sequence to prepare your postdocs for making the transition to a successful career in academia or industry. The sequence consists of six highly interactive half day workshops that will give postdocs the skills they need to get the job they want and to become productive scientists, managers and leaders. The sequence consists of the following half-day workshops:

SMA Workshop 1. Difficult Conversations in the Research Workplace: Fundamentals of Negotiation (also called Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Skills for Scientists)

SMA Workshop 2. Leading Scientific Team and Project Meetings

SMA Workshop 3. Hiring and Retaining Your Science Team: Interviewing, Selecting and Orienting Scientists, Technical Staff and Managers.

SMA Workshop 4. Managing Your Science Team: Setting Goals, Giving Feedback and Evaluating Scientists

SMA Workshop 9. Best Foot Forward, Part 1: Interviewing Skills for Postdocs

SMA Workshop 10. Best Foot Forward: Part 2:  Negotiating a Job Offer

Please see the individual pages for each of those workshops.

The sequence can be given three days in a row or spread out over time depending on the needs of the sponsor.