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From the introduction to   "Lab Dynamics: Management Skills for Scientists" by Carl M. Cohen, Ph.D. and Suzanne L. Cohen, Ed.D, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press

"This is a book for scientists and technical professionals about surviving and succeeding in the organizations and groups in which they work; it is also a book for science managers and executives about how best to manage scientists. The book provides practical advice and exercises that show scientists and managers how to interact with others in ways that improve their effectiveness and increase their productivity. The book shows how to apply improved self awareness and interpersonal skills to specific problems that science professionals encounter every day. The book's guidelines and suggestions work. They are all based on techniques that the authors have tried and used themselves, and have taught others to use. The skills you will learn will enable you to better identify, focus on and achieve your objectives, making you more productive in your job and more successful at what you do."