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Management Skills for Scientists
Leadership Skills for Scientists

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Comments from recent workshop participants:

"The workshop was put together extremely well - insightful, clear and concise. The role playing exercises were..a great way to keep the audience involved."  Post-doc.

"I found it extremely useful because it gave names to problems I have and gave me tools to use in those situations." Post-doc

"The examples of situations are nearly exactly what occurs in my lab" Faculty member

"The focus is mainly on scientists and science managers. Carl having been through these makes it more personal and relevant" Pharma. Scientist

""Absolutely useful! Gave me a lot to think about regarding my communication and leadership styles. I think Carl's tips will benefit me both personally and professionally" Post-doc

"Useful because this workshop was 100% focused on scientists. Everything was related to scientists and their environment"  Biotech Manager

"This workshop is great! I have a lot of questions and concerns in the lab. Now I know what to do better." Grad Student

"The workshop made me think about new ways of dealing with people, which will the lab team more collaborative"  Post-doc

"This was useful because of Dr. Cohen's examples and modeling of behaviors. I found it useful to watch someone be the kind of lab manager I'd like to be" Post-doc