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Are you making the transition from scientist to manager or leader?

SMA offers individual coaching for science and technical professionals seeking to improve their management, leadership and interpersonal skills.
Have you ever wished you could get frank feedback, guidance or coaching from someone who really understands the challenges you face?

Now you can. Dr. Carl M. Cohen offers one on one coaching for scientists seeking to become better managers and for science managers seeking to become better leaders. 

Dr. Cohen has held scientific, management and leadership positions in academia and in the biotechnology industry for over 25 years. As a Professor and academic laboratory head and subsequently as a senior biotechnology executive Dr. Cohen has mentored hundreds of scientists and helped them in their transition from the lab to leadership positions. Like many scientists, he learned management and leadership skills on the fly, with little guidance from mentors or role models. Many of the lessons he learned can be found in his book "Lab Dynamics," which is a great place to start learning management and leadership skills specifically geared to the science workplace. 

During the workshops that Carl runs around the country he is often asked "Do you provide individual training or coaching to help scientists advance and develop into managers and leaders?"  The answer is "Yes."

What is Science Management Coaching?

Science Management Coaching is essentially a dialogue between you, the client, and the coach. The objective of the dialogue is to help you identify and achieve your professional and personal objectives. The coaching
process achieves this by first helping you identify obstacles to be overcome and then to find opportunities for improvement. You and and coach together map a path towards improvement. Over the course of multiple coaching sessions progress is monitored and new strategies or paths are tested.

Coaching Format

A Science Management Coaching engagement typically takes place over a three or six month period. Client and Coach meet three or four times per month for 50 minutes per meeting. Meetings typically take place in the client's place of business.

For More Information

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Consider Science Management Coaching if:

You are a science or technical professional who wants to make a successful transition from scientist to manager.

You are already a manager or leader and have been advised that your interpersonal or communication skills need improvement.

You feel uncomfortable or unprepared in a new managerial or leadership role.

Your work is being hampered by interpersonal conflicts or misunderstandings.

You lack confidence in your ability to motivate and lead others.

You need to find a way to make progress despite working in a dysfunctional organization.