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Management training and leadership skills for scientists
Consultation to life science organizations
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SMA runs workshops that enable scientists to become better collaborators, managers and leaders. Our workshops do this by helping scientists improve their emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills.

These core skills are taught in our most popular workshops "Negotiation and Conflict Resolution", and "Leading Science Meetings."  The case studies and examples used in the workshops are  taken from the world of science and address situations and interactions that scientists face every day. Using a pragmatic, solution focused approach, the workshops show scientists how to become more effective in their jobs. 

Workshop Design and Customization

All of our workshops can be modified or customized to meet specific client needs. Past customizations have included a focus on scientists in the pharmaceutical industry for top ten pharma clients, and on scientists in academic or governmental research institutes.

SMA also creates custom designed workshops to help clients address specific needs of their scientific staff.  Please call or email to inquire about how SMA can help meet the developmental needs of your organization.
On Site Consultation

On site consultation to science based organizations in the following areas:
organizational and management structure, management of scientific projects,  managing scientists,  assessing and mediating conflict within or  between  science teams.

Individual Assessment and Training

SMA provides on site evaluation and training of science staff, managers or executives in the development of effective management styles.


SMA offers on site or remote coaching for scientists or science executives seeking ongoing or one-time guidance or advice on the management of scientific organizations, projects or other scientists.

Diligence Assessments

Experience shows that companies with strong science and good executive leadership can fail due to poor science management. SMA provides guidance to investors seeking to evaluate the scientific management of companies. Using a proprietary interview approach, we identify deficits or strengths in science organizations.

Organizational Development

SMA helps research organizations review, design and implement effective management and governance structures
"At my workshops for scientists I ask the participants to answer several questions about how their interactions with others in the lab affect  their work. Here are the aggregated responses I get to three of the questions:

•More than 3/4 report spending between 10% and 25% of their time at work on "people problems."

•More than 2/3 report having between 1 and 5 "uncomfortable interactions" with people at work each week.

•Nearly 2/3 report that interpersonal conflict has hampered progress on a scientific project between 1 and 5 times during their career.

If these figures are even close to being representative of the science community as a whole we're wasting a lot of manpower, resources and time because of unresolved conflict and because of interpersonal problems. Lets give scientists the tools they need to deal with these problems"

Carl M. Cohen, Ph.D.