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 Bring them on!
Interviewing, selecting and hiring scientists

Before you start hiring: please review the following rESOURCES RELATING TO recognizing and counteracting GENDER AND  MINORITY bias IN SCIENCE

We strongly recommend viewing the following PowerPoint presentation created by Eve Fine of the Women in Science and Engineering Leadership Institute at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. It contains invaluable information about implicit bias and guidelines on how to counteract it during the hiring process: 

•“Reviewing Job Applicants – Understanding and Minimizing Bias in Evaluation.” 2015, Eve Fine, Women in Science and Engineering Leadership Institute of the University of Wisconsin, Madison available at:

We also recommend the following book from the same group, which is available as a free download:

•"Searching for Excellence and Diversity" 2012, Eve Fine and Jo Handelsman. Available as a free download at

Lab dynamics, 3rd ed. Downloadable Worksheets and interview guides


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Chapter 6

How Am I Doing? Setting Goals,
Giving Feedback, and Doing
Performance Reviews


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SMA Combined Performance Review and Individual Development Plan. 

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