13. Leadership for Scientists: Our most comprehensive offering.

This is a highly interactive two and a half to three day workshop in which participants learn and develop the skills to lead and interact effectively with others in the scientific workplace. This workshop is modeled after the three and a half day Cold Spring Harbor Leadership in Bioscience workshop that Dr Cohen has run since 2011. The content, modules and length of this workshop can be customized to suit the needs of the client. For example, the individual workshop modules can be offered in one or half-day increments over a period of weeks or months. 

The workshop emphasizes learning by doing and involves role playing, giving and receiving feedback and group problem solving. Much of the learning is peer-to peer. Participants are expected to discuss their own experiences and to be interested in and helpful to others as they discuss theirs.

During the workshop participants will have the opportunity to present and discuss challenging situations in their own workplace and to receive feedback from other participants and from the instructors.

The workshop helps participants identify areas where they need guidance and growth, as well as how to capitalize on areas of strength. Participants will have the opportunity to share their experiences and challenges with others and to receive feedback and input from others with experience in leading scientists in a variety of settings.    

Key focus areas of the workshop include:

  • Recognizing and understanding leadership in a science setting

  • Using negotiation as a tool in scientific discussions and problem solving

  • Identifying and resolving conflicts in the lab

  • Dealing with difficult people and situations

  • Communicating your ideas and plans in a way that engages others

  • Leading effective and productive meetings

This workshop can be customized both in terms of length and content. 

Want to learn more?

Download the full schedule for the 2016 Cold Spring Harbor Leadership in Bioscience Workshop here. 

Read a review of the 2017 Leadership workshop written by one of the participants, here.

Target audience: The workshop is targeted to scientists making, or recently having made, the transition to a leadership or managerial position in either academia or the private sector.