2. Leading Scientific Team and Project Meetings

Half-day or "half-day plus" workshop.

A workshop for science and research managers, team leaders and executives

When team or project meetings are run well they can be an invaluable tool for communicating information and making decisions in the science workplace. When run poorly they can be a source of frustration. In this solution-focused half day workshop you will learn and practice the key elements of running productive and interactive team or project meetings in the science workplace. You will learn:

  • What makes meetings work, and what can hamper their usefulness. 
  • How to guide a group through the key stages of decision making. 
  • How to identify and counteract the most common impediments to meeting effectiveness, including difficult or disruptive behaviors and conceptual traps like groupthink and hidden group biases. 
  • How to harness and useconflict to improve the quality of the group’s decisions.  

This is a highly interactive workshop using case studies and examples from the world of scientific research in academia and the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Interactive discussion and role playing will allow participants to experience and practicespecific techniques.  Case studies and examples can be customized to reflect the specific circumstances of the host organization or sponsor