SMA runs workshops that enable scientists to become better collaborators, managers and leaders. Our workshops do this by helping scientists improve their emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills.


On-site Consultation

On site consultation to science based organizations in the following areas: organizational and management structure, management of scientific projects,  managing scientists,  assessing and mediating conflict within or  between  science teams.



SMA offers on site or remote coaching for scientists or science executives seeking ongoing or one-time guidance or advice on the management of scientific organizations, projects or other scientists.


Individual Assessment and Training

SMA provides on site evaluation and training of science staff, managers or executives in the development of effective management styles.


Diligence Assessments

Experience shows that companies with strong science and good executive leadership can fail due to poor science management. SMA provides guidance to investors seeking to evaluate the scientific management of companies. Using a proprietary interview approach, we identify deficits or strengths in science organizations.


Organizational Development

SMA helps research organizations review, design and implement effective management and governance structures.



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