"(Dr. Carl M. Cohen) qualifies as the de facto godfather of teaching EI (emotional intelligence) to scientists." F. Key Kidder, writing in the Sept. 2016 issue of  "Lab Manager" magazine. Read the full article "For Managers, Emotional Intelligence Trumps IQ" here


HR and Learning & Development professionals:

Are your scientists tired of being trained by outside consultants who have no understanding of science and how it is done? Look no further.


News: read a review of the "Leadership in Bioscience" workshop run by Carl and Suzanne Cohen at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in March 2017, written by a workshop participant, here.





What we do

Leadership and management skills are key factors in the success of scientific teams.

We provide proven, hands-on leadership and management training tailored specifically for scientists.


Science Management Associates is proud to be featured in recent commentaries in Science , Nature and Lab Manager.

Science Management Associates is excited to announce the publication of the Third Edition of the premier guide to managing and leading in science - “Lab Dynamics: Management and Leadership Skills for Scientists” Third Edition, 2018 by Carl M. Cohen and Suzanne L. Cohen. Read more here.

Read about our most popular workshop sequence: "Management skills for scientists," a two-day on-site crash course in managing scientists for both new and experienced managers. This workshop sequence gives scientists a solid experience-based foundation in managing others, negotiating win/win outcomes, running effective meetings, selecting the best team members, setting goals and giving useful feedback. Created and run by a scientist for scientists Click here for details.


Science Management Associates announces a new workshop for 2019. Best foot forward, Part 2: Negotiating a job offer. This new workshop is specifically for postdocs seeking a faculty position in academia or a scientific position in industry. The workshop demystifies the process of negotiating a job offer and uses role playing exercises to show participants how to negotiate an offer that gives them the best chance at success in their new position.

This workshop is the newest entry into our Best Foot Forward series for postdocs. The series includes “Best foot forward, Part 1:  Interviewing skills for post-docs,” a deep dive into how to ace your most important job interviews.  Participants learn how to answer the toughest interview questions with complete confidence and get to practice what they learn during the workshop. Also included in this series is “Best foot forward, Part 3: How to give a great job talk, ” a practical guide to how to structure and deliver a scientific job talk that shows your work and, more importantly, you, in the best possible light. As in parts 1 and 2, participants have the opportunity to practice their skills during the workshop. Together, this three-part series gives post-docs the skills they need to compete successfully in the job market and make a positive impression on potential employers. Combined with our two-day "Management skills for scientists" workshop, these workshops together make up a comprehensive sequence "Just for Postdocs: The skills you need to jump start your career in science" that will give postdocs the skills they need to compete for and succeed in the next step of their careers.



We run workshops that enable scientists to become better collaborators, managers and leaders. Our workshops focus on helping scientists improve their emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills.


We offer coaching for scientists or science executives seeking ongoing or one-time guidance or advice on the management of scientific organizations, projects or other scientists.


On-site consultation

We can help organizations with organizational and management structure, managing scientific projects, and mediating conflicts within science teams.