"Management Skills for Scientists": Our Most Popular Two-Day Workshop Sequence

Essential Skills for Science Managers and Leaders

This two-day sequence is ideal for organizations seeking to bring their scientists "up to speed" in the core skills needed to manage a research lab and to effectively lead scientific project teams. Participants will learn how to navigate difficult conversations, how to run productive meetings, how to interview and hire the best team members and how to ensure that they stay focused and on track. The workshop can be customized to reflect a basic research (or academic) environment, or an applied (or pharma, biotech, private sector) environment.   This two day series can be offered as two  days in a row or with a gap of days or weeks in between. 

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Difficult conversations in the research workplace

A workshop for scientists, researchers and research managers

So much of what takes place every day in the lab or in science team meetings involves resolving differences of opinion or accommodating multiple viewpoints in complex scientific discussions. Often such discussions engender strong emotions, leading the participants to engage in counterproductive behaviors. At times the scientific discussion can get de-railed by emotion laden interchanges, and projects can be hampered or even halted.

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Leading scientific team and project meetings

A workshop for science and research managers, team leaders and executives

When team or project meetings are run well they can be an invaluable tool for communicating information and making decisions in the science workplace. When run poorly they can be a source of frustration. In this solution-focused half day workshop you will learn and practice the key elements of running productive and interactive team or project meetings in the science workplace.

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