"(Dr. Carl M. Cohen) qualifies as the de facto godfather of teaching EI (emotional intelligence) to scientists." F. Key Kidder, writing in the Sept. 2016 issue of  "Lab Manager" magazine. Read the full article "For Managers, Emotional Intelligence Trumps IQ" here


HR and Learning & Development professionals:

Are your scientists tired of being trained by outside consultants who have no understanding of science and how it is done? Look no further.


News: read a review of the "Leadership in Bioscience" workshop run by Carl and Suzanne Cohen at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in March 2017, written by a workshop participant, here.





What we do

Leadership and management skills are key factors in the success of scientific teams.

We provide proven, hands-on leadership and management training tailored specifically for scientists.


Science Management Associates is proud to be featured in recent commentaries in Science , Nature and Lab Manager.

Science Management Associates is excited to announce the publication of the Third Edition of the premier guide to managing and leading in science - “Lab Dynamics: Management and Leadership Skills for Scientists” Third Edition, 2018 by Carl M. Cohen and Suzanne L. Cohen. Read more here.


Science Management Associates Announces a new workshop, coming in the Spring of 2020

“Sexual Harassment in the Science Workplace: What You Need to Know.”

This half-day workshop uses a highly interactive approach to cover one of the most important topics in science today. As with all our workshops for scientists, this is not a generic workshop on harassment. It uses real cases and examples that have been reported to or shared with us by working scientists to illustrate key learnings and to engage the participants.


Read about our most popular workshop sequence

"Management skills for scientists"

A two-day on-site crash course in managing scientists for both new and experienced managers. This workshop sequence gives scientists a solid experience-based foundation in managing others, negotiating win/win outcomes, running effective meetings, selecting the best team members, setting goals and giving useful feedback. Created and run by a scientist for scientists Click here for details.



We run workshops that enable scientists to become better collaborators, managers and leaders. Our workshops focus on helping scientists improve their emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills.


We offer coaching for scientists or science executives seeking ongoing or one-time guidance or advice on the management of scientific organizations, projects or other scientists.


On-site consultation

We can help organizations with organizational and management structure, managing scientific projects, and mediating conflicts within science teams.



"Management Skills for Scientists": Our Most Popular Two-Day Workshop Sequence

Essential Skills for Science Managers and Leaders

This two-day sequence is ideal for organizations seeking to bring their scientists "up to speed" in the core skills needed to manage a research lab and to effectively lead scientific project teams. Participants will learn how to navigate difficult conversations, how to run productive meetings, how to interview and hire the best team members and how to ensure that they stay focused and on track. The workshop can be customized to reflect a basic research (or academic) environment, or an applied (or pharma, biotech, private sector) environment.   This two day series can be offered as two  days in a row or with a gap of days or weeks in between. 

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Difficult conversations in the research workplace

A workshop for scientists, researchers and research managers

So much of what takes place every day in the lab or in science team meetings involves resolving differences of opinion or accommodating multiple viewpoints in complex scientific discussions. Often such discussions engender strong emotions, leading the participants to engage in counterproductive behaviors. At times the scientific discussion can get de-railed by emotion laden interchanges, and projects can be hampered or even halted.

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Leading scientific team and project meetings

A workshop for science and research managers, team leaders and executives

When team or project meetings are run well they can be an invaluable tool for communicating information and making decisions in the science workplace. When run poorly they can be a source of frustration. In this solution-focused half day workshop you will learn and practice the key elements of running productive and interactive team or project meetings in the science workplace.

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Carl M. Cohen, PhD

President of Science Management Associates

Dr. Carl M. Cohen has over 30 years of biomedical research and management expertise in both the public and private sectors. 


Suzanne L. Cohen, Ed.D.

Partner, Science Management Associates

Dr Suzanne L. Cohen is a licensed psychologist with expertise in both individual psychology and group dynamics.



Lab Dynamics: Management and Leadership Skills for Scientists, third edition.

We've recently published the third, revised and expanded edition of Lab Dynamics, the premier guide to management and leadership skills for scientists. Read more about what’s new in Lab Dynamics here.

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