4. Managing Your Science Team: Setting Goals, Giving Feedback and Evaluating Scientists

Half-day workshop

Setting goals and giving feedback can be powerful tools for keeping scientists focused and motivated. Scientists at all levels want and need to hear how they’re doing from their mentors, managers or leaders. Yet all too often feedback is minimal or non-existent, leaving scientists anxious or uncertain about their performance. The result can be impeded scientific progress. 

 In this highly interactive half day workshop you will learn and practice how to set meaningful goals for scientists, how to give effective and useful feedback and how to conduct performance reviews that help keep projects and people on track.

 Key focus areas of the workshop include:

  • What are the challenges of setting goals in a basic research setting?

  • Different people need different levels of guidance.

  • How to create SMART goals for scientists.

  • What makes feedback useful?

  • A five step model for giving useful feedback

  • How to conduct a performance review for scientists.

  • How to guarantee that your advice will not be taken. How to give advice that scientists will hear and use.

Target audience:

This workshop is intended for scientists in a management or leadership role. 

New for 2018-19

We now have a version of this workshop specifically for organizations that desire an expanded focus on the mentoring relationship (e.g. graduate students and postdocs). This new half-day workshop is called “Managing and Mentoring Your Science Team.” Contact us for more information about this workshop.