8. The Front Lines of Science:  Management and Leadership Challenges in the Science Workplace.
A peer learning workshop 

Half-day workshop

Basic or introductory management workshops are just the ticket for early or mid-career scientists. More senior people benefit from peer learning where experiences and insights can be shared and brought to bear on common problems and challenges. Looking for a new learning experience for your seasoned scientific team leaders and managers? Look no further.  

Your senior scientists and managers have a wealth of practical experience acquired on the job.  Under the expert guidance of a facilitator, these experiences can provide insight and show paths to improvement for even the most experienced leaders. 

In this workshop participants will prepare their own case studies focusing on  management or leadership challenges they are facing today.  Participants present their cases in small groups for discussion and analysis, followed by a review by the whole group. Taking advantage of the cumulative wisdom of the group we will help participants analyze the issues presented by their cases and come up with creative solutions, paths forward  and options for improvement.    

This workshop format is also used as a one-year follow-up refresher course for scientists who have taken our two day “Management Skills for Scientists” (Workshop 11). Case studies are discussed in the context of the lessons and principles learned in the earlier workshop. Applying the workshop lessons to real life situations in the participants lab or workplace has proven to be an effective way to solidify the learning experience.

While this is a half day workshop limited to 10 participants per session, two half day workshops can be run in a single day, accommodating 20 participants.

Workshop Highlights

  • Participants bring their own cases for discussion.

  • Each participant gets feedback and advice on a matter of importance to their team or group.

  • Participants benefit from diverse viewpoints as their cases are discussed.

  • Attendees discover that the issues they deal with are more common than they thought.

  • The workshop offers a safe and confidential opportunity to discuss matters rarely discussed in the science workplace.